Building The Layout

This is what you see as you enter the room. Much still has to be improved. Bottom left is Venlo and on the right in foreground on the butte is the north and unfinished side of Arnhem

Now we are looking to the right as we enter the room. In the center is Arnhem. The double track at the bottom is coming from Langethal on the left to Salzgitter on the right.

In the foregroung the Baden-Stadtmitte station and Baden Hbf occupies the rest of this picture

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This concrete arch bridge joins the SNCB tracks to the SNCF tracks for the Bruxelles-Midi to Paris-Est line.

It will swivel on rollers to allow access through the door shown behind.

A new station --
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This staion will be a junction of the Stuttgart-Dettingen-Mannheim-Passau-Salzburg-Vienna line and Mannheim-Baden branch.

Conventional Power--Each 600 VA

Here are the 5 busses for each section:
Track digital
Catenary digital
16 va conventional
Solinoid digital
Main ground

Power panel

Top row are master switch, central unit, 300 va boosters, 600 va conventional power switches.

Bottom: 5 bus switches for 12 areas

Designed and built by Tim Eckert

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